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Intelligent online ecosystem for business legal model documents

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Shareforce: Unique legal cloud services

An intelligent online ecosystem for business legal model documents, which benefits both law firms and their clients. Developed for and by law firms and companies and government bodies. A transparent and collaborative model with high-quality – possibly market standard – model contracts…

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Think like Pharaoh Ramses II

About 3000 b.C. pharaoh Ramses II ruled that the standard unit of measurement for length in his country was to be the ‘ell’: the length of his own fore-arm. This standardisation was necessary to build pyramids with bricks from all corners of Egypt.
Around 1800 a.C. the metric system was introduced in Europe and with that the existing units of measurement (>800, with more than 250.000 different definitions) were replaced by standard units (e.g., meter, kilogram). This was done to make communication, collaboration and trade easier.
Even today legal professionals use more or less the same – yet still different – texts for the same topic, and the compromise has to be reinvented time after time. With Shareforce that changes once and for all.

Features Shareforce

Modular system

From managing an ever-growing collection of legal documents, to managing a collection of contract clauses that is exhaustive (as for all subjects clauses already exist). No duplication of clauses for the same subject, which gives a huge boost to efficiency and quality.

Dynamic & intelligent models

Documents are assembled online in real time from the most recent versions of the relevant articles. Updates are automatically distributed to all relevant models and are processed automatically.

Online access & collaboration

Benefit from the knowledge and experience from fellow professionals for amendments to clauses and thereby to contracts. 24/7 online access to business legal model clauses and contracts.

Turn-key Legal Tech

Direct access to cutting edge legal innovation. No development costs and risk. You are after all a (corporate) lawyer, not a software developer.

Benefits of using Shareforce

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The above advantages are just a few of the many possibilities offered by Sharforce. Download our presentation with factsheet and be informed fully about the possibilities for your organization.

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