Platform Specifications

Cloud independent

Shareforce software operates cloud-provider independent and can be hosted as SaaS, on-premise or hybrid solution. Our services are dockerised and run internally on Kubernetes. All APIs can be accessed via the “Open API specification”.


Our default setup is a multi-region cloud environment at Google Cloud Platform. We offer all business needs depending on your reliability requirements. Databases are by default setup in High Availability. All services are dockerized and can be scaled horizontal. Our ORM supports different database types if sharding is needed.

Open Infrastructure/Integration

Shareforce integrates easily with other systems. All Shareforce services are available via APIs (with the OpenAPI 3.0 Specification). Shareforce has an event system which can be connected to external event handling systems like Azure Event Hubs, Google Pub/Sub and Kafka. This enables other systems to handle Shareforce events.  Shareforce has functionality to configure web-hooks to trigger external applications based on Shareforce events. Shareforce has an ETL layer including a scheduler to transform data to and from other systems.

Available in Word

Shareforce’s core features are available in Microsoft Word via an Add-in.