Our software’s flexibility and adaptability allow it to cater to diverse business needs, contributing to its overall value proposition. Whether it’s legal content management, workflow automation, automatic document generation, improving collaboration or contract data analysis; Shareforce’s multi-faceted capabilities offer a comprehensive solution that drives exceptional business value.


For your firm to gain the greatest leverage from your “legal content data assets,” legal and document staff must be able to search, find, share and reuse information regardless of format or location. Yet, due to the multitudes of resources available within a typical enterprise, most people are not aware of all the useful information sources, nor do they have access to them all. Shareforce solves this issue for all legal content & its users. Shareforce helps you to eliminate inefficient access to legal content, thereby improving search and minimizing lost time.

By centralising control of legal content and empowering legal staff, Shareforce gives lawyers direct control over content updates, eliminating reliance on IT functions, external vendors and lengthy change cycles. This cuts IT costs by approximately 75% and streamlines document updating cycles, ensuring changes across all systems can be made within minutes. By eliminating intermediary processes, Shareforce enhances efficiency and accuracy in legal operations.

Shareforce boosts productivity and eliminates redundancy in document design and generation. Our streamlined approach enables any authorized user to seamlessly publish legal documents across the entire organization and relevant systems, devoid of complex software or programming requirements.

Our platform enhances productivity by facilitating instant updates. With our Update & Approval Workflow tool, changes need only be made once, and the updated content is swiftly disseminated to all pertinent documents and document-applications. This not only accelerates the speed of updating but also minimizes the need for reliance on IT staff for legal content processes. Imagine this: after implementing Shareforce software, any re-papering exercise (i.e. Libor, Mifid) would be vastly easier and substantially quicker, potentially saving firms tens of millions of euros.

Legal staff save up to 80% time in drafting legal documents with Shareforce’s Automated Document Creation tool. Our tool enables users to generate tailor-made documents faster . Uniquely, our Automated Document Creation tools are available in MS Word, and genuine No-Coding knowledge is required.

By adopting automated & centralized updating, and our automated document creation process, Shareforce simplifies the entire legal content management process to empower users across the organization to effortlessly manage and update legal documents, saving time, increasing time-to-market, ensuring accuracy and consistency, and contributing to an agile and responsive workflow.

Reduce Regulatory Risk & Costs

By enhancing uniformity, accuracy, and consistency through automation, Shareforce helps customers mitigate the risk of fines arising from non-compliance and missed deadlines. We enable a shift in the management of legal content updates as our advanced tools automatically disseminate approved revisions to all relevant documents. The updated clauses are seamlessly presented for acceptance by the document’s ‘owner,’ transforming the updating process into a singular, automated event. This not only eliminates manual distribution but also removes the need for individual monitoring, resulting in a significant reduction in errors and an enhanced risk mitigation framework. This holistic enhancement not only ensures compliance but also serves as a robust shield against regulatory costs, including those associated with repapering.

Embrace a future where your organization confidently tackles regulatory challenges, armed with a sophisticated and streamlined approach to regulatory risk management and cost reduction.

As all contracts in Shareforce are built digitally from inception, our software offers unparalleled contract analytics functionality. Shareforce combines the internal knowledge from your legal staff that is recorded in the Clause Library with the AI/NLP-powered Contract Analytics tool to analyse contracts in the most efficient and effective way. To clarify, we use Machine Learning capabilities to enhance all the intel your organization already has to unlock contract data insights and visualize these in our Contract Data Analytics dashboarding tools. This allows firms to improve critical decision-making, reduce operational risk through contract risk analysis and increase productivity incorporating fast and accurate reporting in your business process. In addition, our software is able to ingest your legacy (pre Shareforce) documents and include these for analysis.

Increase Workforce Morale

Shareforce empowers employees with tools and systems designed to minimize repetitive tasks, diminishing the burden of monotonous work. At the same time, we streamline legal work processes, enabling an environment where collaboration and efficiency thrive. It is this process that revitalizes workplace dynamics and breaks down content silos that impede collaboration. This strategic approach aims to curtail employee turnover rates, increasing overall job satisfaction among junior staff Cultivating an atmosphere of seamless communication and shared knowledge not only strengthens team bonds but also augments the collective intelligence of the workforce. This enhances job satisfaction which benefits the organization by unleashing the untapped potential of its human capital.


Shareforce is an off-the-shelf solution with minimal implementation costs. Our software has, from its inception, been developed by making our product as user-friendly and easy-access as possible. Benefits of our platform include no exorbitant initial investments, quick implementation, short time to value and a compatible design. As a complete, fully developed and tested offering, Shareforce is maintained for security and reliability and immediate implementation.