Our Purpose

Shareforce has re-invented and redesigned the way contracting activities are organised. Our software enables customers to contract better and faster, empowering organisations to speed up the digital transformation of their contract operations. Our ultimate aim is to become the go-to standard framework for business contracts globally, breaking down legal and technical thresholds and business borders.

What We Believe

Shareforce is the blueprint of the future for legal documents unlocking business value. We know businesses must continue to evolve and are fuelled by a desire to continuously innovate and make everyday life better for their customers and employees. The open and shared legal framework based on contract-clause building-blocks will lead to a much-needed standardisation and automation of legal document processes reducing wasted effort, time and money. This capability will drive business value for every organisation we partner with.

Our Values

Openness, integrity, transparency, authenticity and grit are woven into our DNA. These principles are not just ideals; they define every aspect of what we offer. We take pride in doing things differently from other companies, and we’re eager to connect with you to share what we can provide. Reach out to us, and let’s explore the unique opportunities we provide, together.