Our Story

Shareforce was founded in 2019 by Wouter Ofner, an M&A lawyer-turned-entrepreneur. Wouter took his inspiration from his desire to provide an open and shared legal framework based on contract-clause building-blocks, with the aim to revolutionize the legal domain through legal document standards.

This drive for standardization led him to design a legal content management solution that would vastly improve the inefficiencies of legal work processes without compromising the way people work. By putting legal experts in control, and by using their experience to curate re-usable contract building blocks in the form of a Clause Component Database, Shareforce facilitates improving the compliance, uniformity and automation of legal documents, while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies.

During the following years Wouter put together a leadership team made up of seasoned individuals with over a century of collective experience in Legal, Software, Sales and Accounting. Together with our incredible developers and engineers, we are on a mission to transform contract work processes through sharing, innovation, collaboration, meticulousness and reliability.

Our software has, from its inception, been developed by actively involving large firms to create the best problem-solution fit and is designed with our clients’ challenges at its core: issues that large banks, insurance companies and corporates are facing in the field of complex, bespoke contracts.

Shareforce has been at the forefront of harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance our software from the very start. Our core, modular, granular approach of building contracts from clause components, combined with our AI capabilities catapults us ahead in the field of contract data analysis, and we are aggressively scaling up our company to capitalize on this huge opportunity.